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February 18, 2009


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Brendan Cahoon

I've seen you mention Bert and I several times here, but I was wondering if you are also familiar with Robert Skoglund, aka the humble farmer? He's a Maine humorist very much along the lines of Bert and I. He used to have a radio show on MPBN until he was kicked off by short sighted management types. He still creates a show every week for an internet audience, and puts out a weekly "Whine and Snivel" newsletter. I figure you probably know him, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

rebecca Rule

Hi Brendan:
I heard him a couple of times on the radio traveling in Maine. He's some funny! I also heard about the brouhaha with the radio. Someone told me once how they sought him out in his home town and he spent the afternoon, very graciously, showing them around and telling them stories. Sounds like a great guy. I'd love to connect to his internet newsletter.
Thanks for the reminder.

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