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    Ida is a newly minted "Certified Maine Life Guide" who wants to help you live a better, happier life. In Finding Your Inner Moose: Ida LeClair's Guide to Livin' the Good Life, you'll find sections such as: What Did I Do Wrong to Deserve this Turkey Gobbler Neck; How Many Points in Cabbage Soup?; I Can't Die Today Because if Anyone Saw the State of my House I'd Just Die; Feng Shui-ing the Double Wide; Slaying Energy Vampires; Spousal Deafness. This book is 100% Ida, who, as her husband Charlie, often says, "just loves giving advice to people, whether they ask for it or not!"

    The Ida CD
    Listen to this! "Ida: Woman Who Runs With the Moose" is available on CD.

Where's Ida?

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