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November 24, 2016


Anna Jordan

Hello Rachelle! Islandport Press aims to tell stories that meet the needs of readers in Northern and Southern Maine and beyond. If you are not on the mailing list for this free magazine (we need you to pay for shipping) feel free to give us a call 207-846-3344 or request the next issue of the magazine in March through our website.

Rachelle DeFarges

With the holidays just over I finally had time to check out the magazine. Beautifully done. Am hoping we'll have access to it here in Northern Maine, the part that's four hours north of Bangor! Good luck with this venture. If the first issue is an indication of quality to come, I'm hoping for a long run. Thanks

Anna Jordan

Thanks for your support, Lucia! We're so glad you enjoyed the debut of Islandport Magazine. Happy Holidays.

Lucia Greene

Kudos to Islandport Press for entering today's often turbulent waters of magazine publishing. Fine writers like Cathie Pelletier and artists such as the legendary Dahlov Ipcar are representative of the kinds of natural resources that enrich Maine. Best of luck with your new publishing venture.

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